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Parsis have preserved the crux of the Zoroastrian religion by using storytelling and oral communication of their history to pass down knowledge from generation to generation. As the diaspora expanded in North America, many rituals that were once frequently practised in India and Pakistan were forgotten or abandoned. The importance of cultural preservation has been a topic of discussion for sociologists, anthropologists and ethnographers for some time now. Design’s role in cultural preservation is relatively new, but with the expanding role of the Designer's society, and the growing field of Design for Social Change, there is a strong case that can be made for the cross-over of these disciplines.

Through my thesis research, I aim to deepen the connection that Parsi Youth in North America has to their culture, by preserving and amplifying the ceremonial rituals performed in the Parsi culture and making them more accessible to them.

The Focus group will be an open-ended discussion, intended to gather more details and stories from your viewpoint as a participant. The questions will be based on the questionnaire you filled out prior to this titled 'Reimagining Rituals'.

To confirm your participation in the focus group please download, fill and send the completed Consent form (button below) to

If you have any questions about my research or the Focus Group session, you can contact me at

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