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Pag Ladoo

Thank you for helping the diaspora by sharing your knowledge about the steps to take when conducting a Pag Ladoo Ceremony.

Please read the instructions and information before you begin:

This is an anonymous platform. If/when you are asked to share our name please enter a pseudonym instead.

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The comments made here will be gathered and used as data by Leea Contractor, an Emily Carr graduate researcher, who is expanding on the role of design in amplifying rituals conducted in the Parsi Diaspora.

By leaving a comment below you consent to Leea Contractor using your comment in her thesis project.

Comments (2)

Arnaz Dotivala

You should have a ses with a garland and coconut for the child. Invite family and other guests if you like and make dhan daar and fish patio with mithoo dahi.


For this ceremony, I was instructed to do the following:

  1. Ensure the ladus were placed on the patlo (platform)

  2. The father must lift the child (who is now able to walk) and plant their feet on the ladu (which were both created as little feet)

  3. After this was done, the child would receive the telee (red dot) on their forehead and then the flower garland

  4. They would then receive something sweet in their mouth (we gave our daughter a raisin)

  5. The child would then receive paramnis (envelopes with money - a gift) from the family members

  6. The father and mother would eat the ladus that the child would step on

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